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Find Your Money Mojo:
40+ Simple Ideas to Gain Control of
Your Money in Only 15 Minutes a Day

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A few years ago, our family reached the point where we were debt and mortgage free.

We’ve created our own version of a rich life, where we feel like we are in control of our finances and where we can live our life with purpose and intention, free from feeling ‘constrained’ by money.

Over and over I’m asked how we did it. No – we didn’t inherit a million, we don’t earn mega huge salaries and we didn’t hit the big time with a ‘once in a lifetime’ investment.

The truth is, it’s been just lots of very small actions over many years, always with a clear idea of our values and what in life is important to us in mind.

I get it – managing your money can seem SUPER overwhelming. Sometimes it’s just hard to know where exactly to start, and how on earth you are going to have time to make it happen.

But with consistent, small, little steps,
you too can take control of your money and ‘live happy’.
It’s not as far away as you think.

This Guide pulls together over 40 of my personal money habits and tips, most of which can be done in under 15 minutes. These tips will help you to feel in control of your money, save you dollars, help you to build wealth and ultimately, live a purposeful, rich life.

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